Based in Berlin, CT and servicing the Hartford area and beyond, A1 Home Home Improvement provides professional and affordable, snow removal and de-icing services, so that our residential and commercial customers remain safe from potential hazards that can occur due to ice accumulation and heavy levels of snow fall. Our team of Berlin rooftop snow removal contractors are professionally trained and equipped to handle snow and ice issues of all sizes and scope.

Each winter seasons you will hear heartbreaking news of an untrained homeowner, who slips and falls off of the roof of their home or business as they attempt to clear away mass amounts of snow buildup. There are many other instances that occur which involve a rooftop caving in due to the tremendous amount of snow and ice accumulations.

We take the necessary precautions and tools in order to prevent accidents and are careful to stay clear of obstacles such as skylights and vents as well as avoid damaging your shingles or gutters.

The costs associated with hiring A1 Home Improvement to perform our rooftop snow and ice removal services will potentially save you money in the long run. Snow and ice buildup on rooftops can cause significant and costly levels of damage, such as a collapsed or leaking roof. Snow and ice accumulation on rooftops can also cause danger for your family and potential lawsuits from employees or customers from fall ice and snow.

Our equipment and team of experienced snow removal technicians allows for efficient and safe Hartford roof snow and ice removal. Contact us today to schedule your no cost estimate and consultation!